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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Zomba, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~04:15:34 - 04:30:35

Published 2007

In this clip, the girls attend to their early morning chores, mostly in silence. Edith sings a church song while she sweeps the compound. She then walks up to the well, collects a pail of water and returns home where Memory is nestled by the kitchen fire. It's cold at the well and she has seen an owl, she reports.
This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Edith Kaphuka, a student from Ngwale Village, Zomba District, Malawi. She was 13 years old at the time of the shoot.
Edith Kaphuka was a 13-year-old student at Domasi Mission Primary School in Zomba District, Malawi during her Global Lives Project shoot in 2007. The oldest of four girls, Edith has many responsibilities at her home in Ngwale Village, such as fetching water, cleaning the dishes, and gardening. Her little sister, Memory, is her best friend; when the two are together, they are nearly inseparable. While Edith and her family are Yao, they more readily speak Chichewa, Malawi's national language.
This video was produced by Jason Price, Ya-Hsuan Huang, Elasto Chanza, Jessie Levandov, Harrson Topp, Single Limodze, Blackwell Lungu, Z. Allan Ntata, Villant Ndasowa, Jos Garric, Arnold Mboga, Tom Likambale, Catherine Makhumula, Jessie Kabwila Kapasula, Allan Z. Nkata, and Dr. Sam Mchombo. This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience. For more information see

Producer Global Lives Project
Language Nyanja


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